Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lester called up, Tavarez moved to the bullpen

Sox fans have been waiting a while for this move and it came at the right time. Tavarez has struggled in his last 3 or 4 starts and the Red Sox haven't blown the AL East division lead yet. It would have been too late to bring Jon Lester back after blowing the lead when all momentum would have been lost. My only question is, how is this rotation going to look come August 1st? With Curt Schilling expected back that would leave 6 starters in the rotation. It would be wrong to send Kason Gabbard back to AAA for all he's done since he's been called up and it would be wrong to send Lester back down after having him here for a mere two weeks. The best solution would be to put Tim Wakefield in the bullpen, where he was very good a few years ago for the Sox. People forget that Wake didn't begin as a starter, he sort of turned into one. I also expect this to be a step into the right direction and turning the page to the future. Schilling will most likely retire because the Red Sox won't offer him an extension and I have a feeling Wakefield may do the same once his contract expires. Lester as well as Gabbard should stay and Clay Buchholz hopefully will be ready to come up about two years from now and make an impact. And Tavarez is finally back in the bullpen where he belongs.

Lester will start tommorow July 23rd against the Indians at 7:05. The game will be on ESPN.

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