Sunday, July 22, 2007

Inside Ryan Gomes' Mind

Ryan Gomes is looking for big things next season. "I think Ray Allen will help our team out a lot, but it all depends on how we defend, how we play together, and everyone being healthy," he said. "We have a solid team and a solid group of guys. We should make some noise in the Eastern Conference." Gomes also came out in support of Doc Rivers getting a contract extension ("he deserved it") and said it was obvious that Danny Ainge and Celtics ownership had a lot of faith in Rivers. "We have a lot of faith in ourselves as a team," he said. Gomes made his comments at Stonehill College, where he hosts a basketball camp. He also has announced a partnership between his nonprofit organization, "Hoops for Heart Health," and "Parent Heart Watch" in hopes of raising awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in children and donating defibrillators to schools across the country. Gomes learned about SCA when a childhood friend died from the condition.

Boston Globe

“The guy (NBA official) read my quotes to me and then asked me to explain what I meant,” Gomes said. “I told him, and things seemed OK. I still don’t feel like I said anything to jeopardize us as a team or jeopardize myself. I just told him, ‘What I meant by that is that we’re out there playing our hardest, and the coaches make the decisions to play the guys that they think should play. That’s it.’

“People who didn’t know what was going on could read it and take it as you’re trying to blow games, and that’s not what our league is about. I told him I didn’t come to the NBA to blow games. I came to be a player and not be a loser. That’s how we left it.”

Boston Herald

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