Saturday, July 21, 2007

Celtics Free Agent Options?

Team Needs: Veteran Point Guard/Defensive Center

Well, it looks like all of the coveted free agent targets we were looking at have started signing with other teams. Joe Smith signed with the Bulls, Chucky Atkins signed with the Nuggets, Steve Blake signed with the Blazers, Derek Fisher signed with the Lakers. And it looks like "perfect fit" Brevin Knight is getting ready to pack his bags and move to LA to play for the Clippers. Still though, anything can happen between now and the beginning of training camp. I really don't expect us to make any drastic moves to put the team over the top and I really don't expect us to overpay "Moore" money than we should for any scrub who played for his contract last year. But I do expect Danny Ainge to make some sort of small signing or trade before training camp starts. I'm honestly not satisfied with the roster he's put together as a championship contender. Maybe 2nd round? It would be nice to get an international player for cheap because it seems like every team is doing it and every team is having success with it. For some reason though, we can't seem to find any international players even though we have one of the best scouting GM's in the league. Besides Brevin Knight though, there really are no free agents worth signing. It's a poor free agent class and anybody that is actually of value has already been signed or re-signed. I would be much more comfortable making a small trade.

Theo Papaloukas - He is a European prospect and a point guard. There have been rumblings that Los Angeles and Boston showing interest. I really don't know much about him but it's interesting nonetheless.

Brevin Knight - He is a great fit for the team and is a veteran PG. He does everything you ask for out of a point guard and has been a consistent player for his entire career. He could teach Rondo the ropes and be had for the MLE. He did a great job helping an already talented Raymond Felton become a very good player and groom him to take over the Bobcats.

PJ Brown - Good big man that proved that he can still play pushing 40. If he does play for another year, he'll be entering his 15th season and immedietly add experience and solid defense to a thin and undersized front court. I don't expect him to play and my only concern if he does play is he will ask for a bit too much money.

Wang ZhiZhi - Played very well in the summer league and even though his first NBA experience wasn't that great, he's a shooting big man who could be a guy the Celtics are looking at to fill a need at Center. He adds size at a legit 7-1 to the frontcourt and maybe can find his niche with Boston. This is one of the last guys I want to sign though.

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