Monday, July 23, 2007

The Countdown Begins

In a few hours Jon Lester will step onto a big league mound for the first time since August 2006 after being diagnosed with cancer (anaplastic large cell lymphoma). Lester was the Sox #1 prospect. He started the 2006 season 5-0 and finished 7-2. He won 2 of his final 3 starts before he was diagnosed as well. But Jon Lester doesn't want to talk about his cancer, he wants to talk about baseball and he wants to play baseball. The lefty has become a BoSox as well as baseball fan favorite and I am sure he will get a standing ovation from the fans in Cleveland. This has been one of the most anticipated days of the year for Boston fans. We all knew it would come but the question was when it would come. He has done solid in Pawtucket and should help the team immedietly. His teammates are excited, especially Jonathan Papelbon who has been his biggest supporter. When Lester steps on the mound, I know fans around the country will be smiling hoping for the best for him.

The game is at 7:05 PM EST on ESPN.

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