Monday, July 23, 2007

Al Jefferson invited to Team USA camp in August?

The US originally had planned to trim the roster from this week's 17 to 12 after yesterday's game. But they decided to bring everyone back for the training camp in August, along with Greg Oden and Nick Collison. Additionally, there will be an elite team of young NBA players brought in to scrimmage Team USA, and the Celtics' Al Jefferson will get a call. "He's on my list," said Team USA honcho Jerry Colangelo. The final, 12-man roster for the Olympic qualifier does not have to be submitted to FIBA until Aug. 21, the day before the tourney starts.

It's great that Al is getting the chance to at the very least practice with the best players in the NBA. I have a feeling he won't make the team because of how deep it is but he will be able to get experience, getting a feel for how he's gonna play some of these guys before the season starts. The downside to this of course is injury. But I mean, he's just gonna be scrimmaging.

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