Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wily Mo Pena clears waivers

According to Rob Bradford of the Boston Herald, Wily Mo Pena has cleared waivers without a claim. It seems no team was willing to risk taking on the $580K owed to Pena this year. Or maybe it was the $2MM+ he'll get in 2008 before reaching free agency. Pena can now be freely traded to any team in baseball, though the players received would have to clear waivers too if on the 40-man roster. The way around it would be to make them players to be named later.


So, we still have Wily Mo if you didn't exactly understand. It's like when Manny cleared waivers last year, but nobody wanted to take on his contract. Somebody needs to make a claim on him though, which they haven't. The White Sox should make a claim, if their interests haven't changed.

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