Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Barry Bonds just broke Henry Aaron's all-time home run record of 755 that stood alone for 31 years. Baseball fans across fans are having mixed emotions about the record. The speculation of whether or not Bonds did steroids ruined and tainted the record.

Not only is what Hank Aaron went through to get the record more impressive then Bonds, but so is how he did it. He always said he wanted to be remembered for doing it consistently. Every year he hit around 40 home runs and hit about .300. 755 to me will be more important then whatever Barry Bonds retires with. I'll remember Hank Aaron's 715th before I remember Bonds' 756th. It just isn't right because as far as I'm concerned Barry Bonds cheated the game of baseball and he cheated himself. The record won't matter and doesn't matter because of the era he played in and because he was the posterboy for steroids.

Ken Griffey Jr. should have been the one to get this record. Unfortunately his career was plagued with injuries. He was certainly on pace to break the record and was a hard enough worker to do it. He played the game the way it should be played, gave it his all every night and to this day has the best swing in baseball. He's on his way to 600 right now and I wish him luck.

So Barry Bonds is the new home run king and barring any serious injuries Alex Rodriguez should chase his record one day. All I can say is Hank Aaron's place in history will be far more important then Bonds.

R.I.P to Hank's 755.

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