Saturday, August 4, 2007

Celtics offer Mutombo veteran's minimum

I still think Dikembe Mutombo will sign. I was wrong this morning when I told Matt that the Rockets have offered $1.83 million. I got that figure from someone assuming that number in a conversation about the Rockets' luxury tax situation. For now, they have offered $1.2, the veteran's minimum. If they have to, they will have a tough decision to make about going to the $1.83 figure. Also, I said the Celtics were very interested, but had not made an offer. That was true at the time, but they have since made their offer, also the veteran's minimum. I'm hearing there is a third team showing interest.

Houston Chronical Blog

It would definitely be worth it to sign a defensive player of Mutombo's ability for only $1.2 million.

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