Friday, August 10, 2007

Bullpen blows it??

Orioles - 6
Red Sox - 5

This pitchers duel between Daisuke Matsuzaka and Erik Bedard quickly become two absolutely disgusting bullpen collapses. It was absolutely horrendous, especially from a Boston point of view. The game looked as if it was gonna go the Red Sox way in the 8th. After being blanked through seven, the Sox exploded for 6 hits and 5 runs in the 8th. Wily Mo tied the game with a hit up the middle and Julio Lugo helped the Sox take the lead with a textbook bunt. Then the Sox scrapped together a few more runs. The game was looking good as our Gagne in the 8th and either Papelbon or Okajima in the 9th was looking very nice. Then it happened. Eric Gagne absolutely blew it and allowed the Orioles to cut it to a one run lead. The worst play of the game was by JD Drew, he ran in for a ball and it went through his legs. It resulted in two runs being scored. Then Okajima got out of it after allowing the tying run, but it wasn't that big of a deal at the time. Coco Crisp was on 2nd in the 9th and stole 3rd making a resurgance possible. But the Red Sox disappointed yet again and came up empty. And then there was a runner on 2nd after Hideki Okajima immedietly allowed a ground rule double with no outs. They got one out but the runner advanced to third on a bunt. So then Nick Markakis came up and popped out, allowing the runner to tag home. Crisp threw it in cutting off to Pedroia and Pedroia was unable to come up with the throw, Baltimore won. What a sad, sad, sad loss. 6-5

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