Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Celtics Fans: Meet Your New "Big Three"

For the first time in years, the media is talking about the Boston Celtics in a positive way and as a word that hasn't been heard among Celtics fans for two decades "contenders." Basketball is once again relevent in Boston with the aquisitions of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Like myself, many of Boston's die hards will miss the young players that we watched grow up over the past 2, 3, 4 years but then I think to myself, wow we got Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, oh and that guy who has carried the load of this team since he was drafted, Paul Pierce. There is definitely reason to believe this team has a chance to make the Eastern Conference Finals and win around 50 games. There are three unselfish all-star caliber players on our team that have the drive to win.

Filling The Holes

There definitely needs to be some more moves made though, our bench isn't exactly up there in terms of talent and experience. There's a lone role player, a pretty bad player at that, on our bench with more then 3 years of experience. Brian Scalabrine. And the best player off our bench is coming off of serious knee surgery, Tony Allen. With Ryan Gomes gone, I think we need to re-examine our depth at the SF position. Some players I would like to go after are Matt Barnes and Ime Udoka. Barnes brings experience and shooting off the bench. Both players bring defense and a solid 10 minutes. And of course the dreaded PG and C positions need to be addressed. Besides Garnett and Perkins I don't think we have any other player that is capable of playing the Center position. And I am definitely not comfortable with a combined ONE YEAR OF EXPERIENCE between our starting and backup point guard. Brevin Knight and Garnett's former teammate, Troy Hudson, who was recently bought out by the TWolves would be nice additions at the point guard spot for the players that are still on the market. At the Center position there really aren't any attractive veterans out there that the Celtics could use, except for long-time veteran PJ Brown.

Final Farewells
I am sad to see some of our younger players go. Sebastian Telfair really didn't belong with us so I'm not exactly sobbing over trading him. But Ryan Gomes was one of the classiest players on the Celtics organization period. Al Jefferson is a budding star who is really going to be something special. Gerald Green was definitely one of my favorites and a guy that showed a lot of promise. I have a feeling he'll never live up to his overhype coming out of high school but he will be a good player. Who knows if he'll be a star, an all-star or a journeyman? I think he'll have a shot to start immedietly in Minnesota and will defend his dunk title there. That should bring some excitement. They have a good young team and will be set for the future. Good luck guys, we'll never forget you (except for Telfair and Ratliff).

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Good post. Ainge must enjoy the new sensation of being the toast of the town. Look at this love letter from a boston fan.