Sunday, July 29, 2007

Big Al contract extension? Now or later?

-Jefferson entering 4th season
-Eligible for up to six-year extension
-Will earn a little more than $2.48 million this season
-Celtics have until late October to reach an agreement
-If no agreement is reached Jefferson becomes restricted FA in the 07/08 free agent signing period, Celtics would have the right to match any offer
-In the same situation last year, Kendrick Perkins signed a 4-year $16.2 million deal

Boston Globe

The best thing to do would be to lock him up now because if he does end up being a 20/10 player this year, he'll command much more money. I think Al knows this was just 1 year and the Celtics know that. They can sign him for reasonably cheaper now rather than later. I have a feeling they will get it done too.

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